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Apple iPhone 8 Latest News,Rumours,Features & Price(Redesigned Fingerprint ID)

Apple iPhone 8 is the upcoming smartphone which is set to launch in the month of September this year. Apple has focused both internally as well as externally on the iPhone 8. The phone will have a glass body design. The iPhone 8 has also gone under a major change in its external design as the phone will be missing out the iconic home button. The home button distinguished the iPhone from the other phones and it also served the purpose of the fingerprint scanner on the phone which has the feature of fingerprint security password. The screen size of the phone has been increased while the handset size hasn’t because of the removal od the home button.

The iPhone 8 have the front camera as well as the touch ID integrated¬†into the screen itself. The iPhone 8 screen will have the fingerprint ID in itself. The sensor of the phone has been upgraded to provide this feature. As per the rumours, the OLED screen version will get this feature. The iPhone 8 will be sold in three different variants. The higher-end version will have the OLED screen while the other two will be sold as the standard variants. The iPhone 8 processor has also been upgraded and it will be powered by the Apple’s new processor the A11 processor.

The iPhone 8 might also feature the iris scanner or the face recognition feature this time as the front camera might have 3D sensing capabilities(APPLE IPHONE 8 LATEST NEWS,FEATURE,PRICE & RUMOUR(3D SENSOR)) to find exact height and depth of an object. The iPhone 8 is expected to have a price tag of $1000(Rs.67000 approx.). The OLED version may cost higher than the other two standard versions. There are also rumours that the iPhone 8 might also feature the curved screen(APPLE IPHONE 8 NEWS,FEATURE,RUMOURS & PRICE(CURVED SCREEN)) in the OLED version. The battery size of the phone has also been upgraded and now a bigger L-shaped battery will be used. Some news suggests that the iPhone 8 might have 3 GB RAM same as the size of the RAM available in the iPhone 7 plus.

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