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More Than 90% People Wants To Upgrade To Apple iPhone 8

As the month of September is getting near, the tenth anniversary of the one of the biggest technological based company, Apple is also coming near. Apple has many big plans for its tenth anniversary and one of the major plans is the launch of the eighth edition of the iPhone, the Apple iPhone 8. The phone will be very different from the previous generation both internally as well as externally. The phone design will be somewhat similar to the previous generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S. This type of design is called as the water drop design. The phone will get a curved screen and also a curved glass(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO GET CURVED GLASS AT THE BACK OF THE PHONE TOO) at the back of the phone. According to the latest survey around 90%, people are interested in upgrading their iPhones.


The Apple iPhone 8 will impress its user from every aspect of the phone. The phone would be able to perform the task faster with lower battery consumption as the phone will now be powered by the new processor called the A11 processor. Apple designed the A11 processor keeping in mind the usage of the current generation, as users now require a smartphone which is cable of giving faster output and also would be able to stay with them for a longer duration of time. The phone would have the best camera available in a smartphone both in the rear as well as the front. Both rear and front will feature a dual lens camera(APPLE IPHONE 8 DUAL CAMERA TO BE BEST IN CLASS) with the feature of optical image stabilisation.

The Apple iPhone 8 will be a major success as even before any solid news about the features it will have, people are going mad over it. The phone is expected to be sold in three different variants where two models will be the standard models with lesser screen size and fewer applications, while one will be a high-end variant with all the new features and a screen of OLED type. The phone is expected to start from a price(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO EVEN CROSS THE 4 DIGIT PRICING) of $900(APPLE IPHONE 8 BASE MODEL WILL BE PRICED AROUND $900)(Rs. 58000 approx.) to $1199(Rs. 78000 approx.).


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