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SIM Tray To be Present On The Right Side Of The Apple iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone 8, the smartphone every techie is eagerly waiting for. The phone will be released in the month of September when Apple would be celebrating its tenth anniversary. Apple iPhone 8 is going to have features which people have never seen before. The phone will be having 5.8 inches of OLED display. The phone is expected of getting a design similar to the design user’s got in previous generations of the iPhone. The design would somewhat match up with the iPhone 4S which has a design called as the water drop design. In the water drop design,┬áthe device has curved edges rather than the sharp edges. The phone would be getting redesigned power button. The phone will have the SIM tray placed at the right side of the phone. The phone would get a curved glass(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO GET CURVED GLASS AT THE BACK OF THE PHONE TOO) at the rear as well as the screen of the phone is also curved.


The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to sell free Airpods(APPLE IPHONE 8 RUMOURED TO OFFER FREE AIRPODS WITH IT) along with the high-end variant of the phone. The phone is going to impress the users both look wise and with the type of performance, it will provide.The phone will be powered by the new processor designed for the phone which gives high performance for minimum battery consumption. To give more power to the processor the phone will be getting more RAM(APPLE IPHONE 8 ALL VARIANTS MIGHT GET 3 GB RAM) of 3 GB. The rumours say that the Apple would be giving the new processor and the larger RAM to all variants of the phone.

The Apple iPhone 8 would be sold in the markets in three different variants. One model will have all the latest features and will be sold as high variant while two other models which will have a lesser screen and of LCD type rather than OLED type which will be present in the high-end model. The phone will not have a 32 GB internal storage variant(APPLE IPHONE 8 WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE IN 32GB) rather it will have only two internal storage variant of 128 GB and 256 GB variant.


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