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Volume Button And Mute Switch To Be Placed On The Left Side Of The Apple iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone 8 is an upcoming smartphone which will be released by the month of September at that time Apple would be also celebrating its tenth anniversary. The phone will be featuring 5.8 inches of smart OLED display. The screen of the phone has a very special feature of adjusting itself according to the environment automatically hence the user does not have to change it manually. The phone will be having a redesigned(POWER BUTTON REDESIGNED FOR APPLE IPHONE 8) power button and a SIM tray(SIM TRAY TO BE PRESENT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE APPLE IPHONE 8) at the right-hand side while the pill-shaped volume button and the mute switch of the phone are placed on the left side of the phone.


The Apple iPhone 8 will be featuring many amazing features. One of the newest features of the phone will be the iris scanner, facial recognition and the gesture recognition. The phone will be having dual lens camera both in the front as well as the rear camera. The front camera is rumoured to be made by LG(APPLE IPHONE 8 FRONT CAMERA RUMOURED TO BE MADE BY LG) and it will be having three camera modules installed it so that it can provide features such as the iris scanner, facial recognition and gesture recognition. The phone will all variants would be getting a new processor called the A11 processor which would be supported by the 3 GB RAM.

The Apple iPhone 8 will amaze the user’s on the very first look of the phone. It will be having a larger screen with edge to edge display. According to the latest rumours, Apple is planning to integrate the touch ID into the screen and if Apple is able to make this possible then the phone will not be having any home button. The home button of the phone is the icon of the iPhone series and was present since the first ever iPhone came into the market. With the addition of many amazing features, rumours are that the high end of the phone would even be crossing the four digit pricing(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO EVEN CROSS THE 4 DIGIT PRICING). The high-end variant of the phone might cost around $1199(Rs. 77000 approx.).


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